Pavilion Area
Chang’an flower exhibition covers an area of about 20000 square meters, in which the indoor exhibition is 4825 square meters, and outdoor exhibition is 7000 square meters.It has attracted entrepreneurs and exhibitors form more than 110 companies, Including 36 foreign exhibitors and 74 domestic exhibitors with almost 5000 kinds of flowers.Moreover, the outdoor exhibition area contains 16 gardens designed by famous teams and designers from all over the word.
  • 20000m2
    Flower show covers a total area
  • 2625m2
    Horticultural Products Main Pavilion
  • 1200m2
    Comprehensive activity hall
Venue: Dongfang College Auditorium (09:00-18:00 April 28th,2018 )
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    30°N Garden Alliance

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    Tel:+86 573 87483890

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    Ms. Chen:+86 134-5630-8063

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    Chang'an Flower Town, Zhejiang,China