Flower Show Details
Chang’an flower exhibition will provide exhibitors a registration examination system to enter, the intended exhibitor may enter the exhibiton for free after being certified by the organizing committee of the Show. Exhibitors will bear all the incurred expense due to the exhibition.

The show covers an area of 20000 square meters with indoor exhibition, outdoor exhibition, comprehensive center and catering area. Exhibition is free to the public.

  • Outdoor Exhibition

    A global garden consists of various kinds of plants. In the theme of "elegant Song", elegance will be the inspiration of this garden design. With the usage of the garden designer's various elements (water, structure, lighting. Path. plants, etc.) to interpret the understanding of the specific dimensions of culture, presents a unique meaning of the world garden.

  • Indoor Exhibition

    Gather the best home gardening brands suppliers, the channel merchant, the platform merchant from all over the world. The most popular style, hot product will be in front of your eyes, when horticulture meets new technology, when VR technology combine the virtual dream garden, you will have a brand new idea about gardening.

Activities at the same time: florist performance, world gourmet competitions, shadow puppets, auto show, new products conference.

  • Official website sponsor

    30°N Garden Alliance

  • Cooperation Talks

    Ms. Li:+86 136-6675-2365

  • Telephone Number

    Tel:+86 573 87483890

  • Exhibition Consultation

    Ms. Chen:+86 134-5630-8063

  • Organizing Committee Address

    Chang'an Flower Town, Zhejiang,China